Launch Health Lounge

Monday, April 28, 8 AM – 6 PM
Room: 360A – D

Have a glimpse into the future in the MEDICAL WORLD AMERICAS Launch Health Lounge, where up-and-coming healthcare technologies currently being developed by local Houston innovators are on full display. Enjoy refreshments, relax and recharge, surrounded by the entrepreneurial energy of the world’s largest medical center. Find out about wearable tech, healthcare software and apps, telehealth, emergency decision-making solutions, and other exciting next-gen technologies that will improve patient care.

Here’s a sampling of the innovative technologies you’ll learn about in the Launch Health Lounge:

  • Technology for real-time rapid detection of internal bleeding complications
  • A HIPAA-compliant audio/video streaming solution for healthcare environments, using Google Glass to deliver “telehealthcare”
  • Software that optimizes the referral process, allowing care providers to easily collaborate and coordinate care online
  • A platform and apps that collect, manage and process high-resolution physiological data from all monitored critical care beds in a hospital
  • Ultra-miniature, frictionless, and cloud-connected wearable health monitoring technology such as a concussion-monitoring headband for soccer players
  • A device that guides critical fluid resuscitation for severe burn patients
  • A cloud-based cancer treatment application that compiles patient health data from medical history, diagnostic tests, treatment options, survivorship resources and health provider interactions
  • A clinical decision support solution supplying immediate, actionable information for care providers in trauma centers and intensive care units
  • 3-D cell/tissue culture technology for proof-of-concept investigations in new drug development