Texas Medical Center

Texas Medical Center (TMC) is the world’s largest medical complex. Since opening in 1945, TMC has been pioneering patient care, research, education, and prevention.

Today, TMC comprises: 21 renowned hospitals, 13 support organizations, eight academic and research institutions, six nursing programs, three public health organizations, three medical schools, two universities, two pharmacy schools, and a dental school.

Dusk Aerial - CommonsThe Center of Innovation

TMC is at the forefront of advancing life sciences. As home to the brightest minds in medicine, TMC nurtures cross-institutional collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Unprecedented Collaboration

It’s world-renowned patient care, research, and education institutions have one common goal: transform the future of medicine. As the largest concentration of scientists anywhere, TMC is harnessing it’s collective knowledge, talent, and technology to lead the next generation of innovation.

Facts & Figures

7.2 Million Visits Per Year
More than the populations of Los Angeles, Houston, and San Francisco—combined.

106,000 Employees
More people than Exxon, Apple, or Google

Texas #1
Most doctorates in life sciences, biological sciences, health sciences, natural resources, and agriculture.

TMC at a Glance
Approximately 1 in 5 people living in the 77030 zip code is in the health science field, making it the highest concentration of life science professionals in the country.

7,000 Patient Beds
If they were all stacked, they’d measure approximately 1.65 miles—the equivalent of 7 Empire State Buildings.

25,000 Babies Delivered
TMC delivers about 1 baby every 20 minutes.

171,000 Annual Surgeries
TMC begins 1 surgery every 3 minutes.

1,345 Acres
TMC is the eighth-largest business district in the country—right after Philadelphia and Seattle.

Most Heart Surgeries in the World
TMC has performed more heart surgeries than anywhere else in the world. We even performed the first successful heart transplant in the U.S.


For more information about Texas Medical Center, visit www.texasmedicalcenter.org.